Healing from inside out

Three years ago I was put in a wheel chair when a distracted driver hit me while walking to my car. Five years ago I was distracted by events and inferences that put me into a depressed hopeless state. These two distractions have altered my life. I emerged from the first with a clear and confident sense that the Maker of Heaven and earth is always present even we lose sense of that presence. When I was hit by a car and put in a wheelchair that did not alter this clarity or confidence. As I lay in the middle of the road I knew the Maker of Heaven and earth, the healer of every injured part of body soul or spirit in all of us was “with me”.

I re-opened my practice as a psychotherapist, family therapist, and “internal and external therapist” a little more than a year ago. I hold the, realized through suffering, clarity confidence and compassion for all my clients in a more real way than ever I did.

I am thankful for the last 5 years as they have made me a better father, grandfather, husband, friend, and person.

With Gratitude and Grace

July 10, 2019