A New Year’s Commitment Challenge not Resolution

Grace and Mercy > Bias and Prejudice

Happy New Year. Imagine 2000 plus years ago as the excitement of Christmas faded and May Joseph and Jesus prepared to leave for Egypt the talk around the little town of Bethlehem was “no doubt” still even with all the excitement of Christmas (excitement fades quickly in the presence of a suspicious, bias, prejudice, and judgment).
When the dust of divine celebration settles the judgment of human criticism overtakes. They were fleeing to Egypt to avoid the judgment of humanity. The human narrative outweighs the divine dream narrative.

This is so true in our day. People are slow to grace and mercy and quick to human narratives of bias and prejudice.

Will you consider making a commitment (Not a New Year’s Resolution) to extending “grace and mercy” to all people and expunging from your narrative bias and prejudice (even if you think your narrative is correct, can you suspend a right narrative – in your mind – in favor of a narrative of grace and mercy! What a difference that will make in your world as it is “loving the world as God loves the world”




Donald Paine
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