All God’s Creation Knows

The natural message of Nature

I laid there in the middle of the road with a sense of “God’s presence”, a sense the “the Most high God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth” was all around me under me and over me.  All would be well!  Now sixteen months later thankful that I am mostly well.

I see the world and God from the Well of wellness inside of me.  I know God put it there.  It seems people think and say to me “Where was your God” as if they assume that when tragedies happen God is absent rather than knowing that God is right there in and through it all.  We try to rewrite history or change the future rather than seeing God in everything not that god causes it but that he is present for those who are in it.

From the hospital bed that i could not get our of I tweeted, “Shit Happens by accident, Shifts happen by choice“.

I wished a clerk, Merry Christmas and he said “I hope so”.  I responded with “make it so


Augustine said, “their is s hole inside of humanity that nothing can fill except God”.

This obviously is an affirmation of the life and journey of faith that over the years many have embraced.

But in the scene of the baby born in Bethlehem, all of nature of earth seem to sing along with all the angels, “Glory to God in the highest”.

What if what Augustine was a hole was not the whole story?  What if there is the seed of the Imago Dei inside of everyone, and once a person becomes aware of this presence of “Self”, this well of wellness inside, and once connected to the Most High God comes alive with the same song the angels sang. “Glory to God in the highest, peace to my heart and love toward all my neighbors as myself”.  That is I see all other people regardless of anything as having this sense of wonder, God, of “namaste”, Jesus inside of them.

What a way to end one year and begin another.

With faith not in a particular theory or theology of God but with a sense of the incarnate in each of us for good and peace.

AS we enter the new year and leave the celebrations of light and life, can you enter the new year in peace with whatever is, and love for all people as they are!

What transformation would happen as it begins inside of you not where there is a hole but where you have the poe=wer to shift your focus to, “Making It so”

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