Take a Hint from Bing Crosby

Dream a Good Dream

One of nearly everyones top 5 Christmas Songs of all time include, “I am Dreaming of a White Christmas”.   Yes I know there are many parts of the world that do not have snow at Christmas probably more than do.  So why the fascination with “Dreaming of a White Christmas”.  I wonder what your answer would be.  Here is mine.

When white snow blankets the earth it renewing.  Underneath the snow healing of the earth is taking place. On the surface it looks wonderful.  A winter wonder land (another  favorite) is mystical, magical, and majestic.  We need mystical, magic,  and majestic in our lives.

Open your heart to the beauty, bounty and beneficence of the mystery of love and forgiveness, the magic of hope and faith, and the majesty of wonder and witness.

I am Dreaming of a Wonder filled World. Where adults listen, and children everywhere are well. I am Dreaming of a Wonder filled, Where bias and prejudice are lost, where smiles glisten, as everyone listens to the sounds of love and peace everywhere, I am Dreaming of a Wonder filled World, where inner peace, leads to outer acts of goodness from and toward all.                          I am dreaming of a wonder filled World where stigmas give way to acceptance, judgment to justice, and criticism to affirmations

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