Thank You is a Godly thing wrapped in Goodness

Saying Thank You is Easy, Energizing, and Efficacious

Two days before Christmas, I stopped by Phelps Memorial Hospital where I had been a patient recovering from severed pelvis, fractured pelvic ring, fractured sacrum etc, simply to say “Thank You”.

We had made a few Ginger bread houses to say thank you to people this Christmas (a tradition in our home)

Saying “Thank You” is an incredible thing with a multiplicity of blessings.  You recall the ten lepers and only one returned to say thank you.

Did you ever wonder if the Inn Keeper ever said “thank you”, to Mary and Joseph for honoring his stable in such a life changing way?  Business had to have increased as news of the event traveled.  In our day this stable would have become a historical, must see travel destination.  Business is Booming in Bethlehem would become about the buzzing bees of the area.

Why wouldn’t the inn keeper be appreciative of the positive impact of his graciousness and goodness.

Thank you is easy to say.  Thank you energizes the giver and receiver of goodness.  Thank you is effective as it prompts appreciation, affirmation, and adoration.

Have you said “Thank You” to God for the gift of His Son?  Have you, in your own hand writing, written a thank you note to someone for some little act of kindness they did for you.  Please note it is an act of kindness and goodness so to do!   Have you shown appreciation in a creative and personal way that will not only create more thankfulness and goodness in the world but promote the power of thankfulness to change that world.

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