All nature is Smarter than humanity

Nature Knows

“the Noes knows” is an expression that dates me for sure.

A Day after Christmas, a day after we looked at how judgment is what people see with their eyes and believe in their hearts can be so wrong even if right, I invite you to look at another side.  Animals go by scent more than any other sensory motor skill.

Last night I offered my Golden retriever apiece of my almond cooking.  I tossed it in her direction. It was visually right there in front of her.  She sniffed all over until her nose brought her to it.

Another expression of humanity is, “Something smells” which draws attention to a foul odor. It also draws me to our kitchen where something always smells good, as I love home cooking and baking.  My wife and I do some of both and both of us love the smell of each others offerings of love that fill the kitchen with good smells.

The Animals smelt something good happening in that stable and they came to see, witness and worship.  Interesting in a place that you would normally thing of as having “something that smells bad” was being transformed by or into “something smells good”.

Nature and the Nose Knew more truth than all the wisdom of humanity.

The religious community, the Sadducees and Pharisees and the people of faith community of the “House of David” got it wrong because they went by their mind and heart not their nose.

Years alter Jesus would say to his disciples who wanted him to rebuke the crowd, “Let them praise for if they did not even the stones would cry out with praise”>  In reality the stones and nature knew better than the people what was really going on that day as in this day.

Forget about what you are so sure your know.

Breathe a breath of Fresh air and let “Something smells Good in” and see goodness going out!

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