Focusing on Who is With you and not Who is not!

The trip of a lifetime to Bethlehem their homeland, where they were secure

While Mary and Joseph were on their way to Bethlehem they clearly focused not on who was not with them but on who was with them.  Specifically they knew God was with them and all the judgment, prejudice and bias that surrounded their lives, isolated them and abandoned them did not become their focus.

How important this is makes me wonder why no one has even thought about this part of the Christmas Story.

Whenever you feel all alone, deserted by friends and family, isolated, the focus you need is to be on the God who is always present even when he/they seem absent.

Some suggest this is the difference between seeing the glass half full or half empty but it is truly on who is holding the glass.

Mary and Joseph felt God holding them with every step toward their destination and when they heard the inn keeper say their is no room in the Inn.

There was no room in the inn but God ws in the stable.

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