The Shepherd’s another quarter heard from

Make it So

What we know is that thew shepherd’s when they caught this great light in the sky were to put it mildly, “Sacred to Death”!

Sacred encounters are anything but comfortable.  But once understood they become more than comfortable, “down right upright”.  The angels at Jesus’ birth, baptism and, tomb all had the same message, “No fears, no worries, no problems”, “Make it so”.  In short to all of us at Christmas and always:


Don’t be scared, “the sacred” always is unpredictable, scary, and fear embedded at first.  Only when the comfort of God’s presence over shadows the normal human reactions of judgment, bias and prejudice can we take to heart the Sacred!

God does not work within the context and confinements of our understanding but beyond them.

The conclusion:

“It was Good, God means everything for God no matter how stretched our comfort zone it is always for our growth and goodness.

Let go of fear and judgment and make room for the Sacred Goodness of God.


Make it so

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