The Highest and Wisest Self is in the Highest Heavens and in the Deepest Inner World

Make It So

Some theologians I have met over the years are absolutely positively sure that they are right that “there is no good thing in humanity”.  At the core of humanity there is only a Sinful Nature.  To believe this you have to believe that the Highest God who holds out for the highest Good in and for all his creation (which reflects divinity and in whom divinity is not lost because it is greater than humanity) could and would allow humanity to overwhelm and overrule divinity.  This makes no sense.

The idea that humanity once reconnected to its roots of divinity, would flourish and flooded by divinity makes more sense.  Perhaps this is why in the earliest days of Christianity, before systematic theology or Biblical theology were formulated, Iraneaus spoke in a compelling way the following: “Oh to be fully human, such is the Glory of God!”.

What id when the Angels sang in the presence of night darkness and the light of all heavenly angels “Glory to God in the Highest” they were really sending a clear irrefutable and immutable message: that in humanity is now the connecting link to its birth right the divinity of God!  The second Adam to comment on Paul’s theology) was undoing what the first Adam did (death to all) and gifting what only God can give (life to all) – (I Corinthians 15:21-22).

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