Just because it works does NOT make it good

Goodness is in the experience not expression

Why do you call me “good”? Good question.  We even have a Christmas stocking for our dog that asks, “Please Santa, define good?” Goodness in my experience of God is that God always shows up whether something that happens is good or bad in my perception.  God’s presence is always good.  In Adam and Eve’s experience that was always true yet they feared judgment, criticism.  All they got was: calm, compassionate, cooperative, creative, caring, etc.  How refreshing. So why did I grow up experiencing guilt, shame, blame more than “goodness” yet I was asked to be good?   Is society, religion, culture or some internal biological neuro-pathway to negativity to blame?  Did you catch that?  How intrinsic is it to want to blame someone or something for a situation or problem.  Here is the problem as I see it.  Certainly just my perspective.  Blaming, shaming and guilt tripping work to creative “prescribed behavior modification”.  Just because it works doe snot make it good or right.  The price is too high.  The cost of blaming shaming and guilt tripping is the internal injury of the soft tissue of our hearts. Secondly, without any sense of shame of blame people would blamelessly do even worse atrocities even in the name of goodness.  No wonder there is so much chaos and confusion in our world.  There is chaos and confusion in our internal system.  That interprets a parental correction of an in appropriate statement or action as “I am bad” or “there is something wrong with me”.  We become fixated on fixing something in us that does not need fixing which results in a cosmic “fix it fixation”. God did not try to fix Adam and Eve.  They experienced the “inner voice of shame”.  God released them from that inner voice not by negating it but by sending them a message of goodness and compassion and offering to them a resolution that they could live with as heathy humanity.  By healthy humanity, I mean that the inner message of shame and blame was balanced out by another message, “It is not you that is bad (you are just human) it is your choice to inflict a negative message or action to your inner self or neighbor.  Loving your self and your neighbor is how to get our of the chaos, conflict, and confusion that injury invites you into. Goodness does not just hope that I am okay.  Goodness makes me okay while it also invites me to change my behavior when it inflicts anything but goodness on my inner world or neighbor.  Maybe this is why, we here in many ways the message: “Love your inner self, and your neighbor as yourself”.   Now that is GOOD!

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