So What is Inside that Promotes Shame

Healthy Shame vs Autonomy or Shameless-ness

While it is clear to me (perhaps not others) that god did not introduce shame, blame or Guilt, where do they come from.

Inside of humanity is the natural polarity that is in all systems.  Polarities open the door to shame and blame but the negative aspect of shame and blame is inherent but not inherited.  What is inherited is the capacity to invite balance and harmony, to embrace polarities without inviting polarization.   Polarization occurs when a person has no sense or losses their sense of balance and harmony rather than constrain and restraint.

What if not directed by their “fear of external judgment” or internally and integrally prompted shame, “I did something wrong” creating the need to “hide” because it is all they could think of.

What if another part of them emerged and said, “we know God is full of compassionate care and that God will not let anything we do or do not do effect who they are or how they respond.  God is above all of that. God’s ways are not our ways.  god does no hide form chaos prompting confusion.  God in the presence of chaos sees a way to respond with calmness and creativity.  So what if Adam and Eve were able to access that calm and creative resource within them rather than being polarized by a part that can only “run and hide” or “stay and contend”.  Wha tif they decided to stay in the garden of grace that they ha basque in even before they knew their need to experience and express grace to and from each other.  What if when God cam into the garden they said,” Boy ar ewe glad to see you, we think we really blew it yesterday as we ate of the tree you put in the garden but told us clearly not to eat of it.  We ate and something changed inside, our eyes looked at each other, ourselves and even you differently.  We even were tempted by a part that said, “run and hide” because we felt naked where we had never felt the feeling of “nakedness” or “shame” or “blame”.  We know you would come to offer to us understanding and your love and compassion.  We trust that more than we fear our own inner voices of shame present asa our inner voice of shame which we now are starting to see are of set by your “impending and restoring grace.  We are so glad to see you because we know you and who you are.


That shift would have shifted blaming and shaming to gracing. which was in us as well.

So Genesis was not a “fall from Grace” as much as it was and is an invitation to fall into grace or be entrapped by inner shame and blame.


Today the choice is always the same.  Le the polarity polarize or let the polarities prompt us to see also the grace and healing rather than the shame that drives us into darkness and despair, “to the cave of shame” verses the “the garden of grace”.   So the choice of humanity is always to slide into the human tendency to “isolate and internalize shame” or invite grace, “solo gratia” to quote Martin Luther.

So inside all of us is a “critical and condemning” part that thinks we need to be punished to be set free from our wrong.  The problem is that while the intention of the part is to set us free, “hiding and isolating” never leads us out of shame and blame, but into the “cave of hopelessness”.  Inside us is another part or perhaps the re-organizing, re-storing, retrofitting “Self energy” that always sees hope, remains calm and compassionate regardless of anything.


That Self is “the garden of grace” and inviting the light of restorative justice rather that wandering into the “cave of darkness and despair”.

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