In the beginning there was No Shame, Blame, or Guilt

Where did Blame, Shame, Guilt come from?

Religion in its myriad of forms as well as social and cultural norms or abnormalities have produced or induced buckets of blame, showers of shame, and glazings of guilt but really, seriously, where did all that negativity come from?

The Bible which I believe holds in it the secrets to life and the answers to mysteries if we look not with our prejudices and predilections but with an open heart and mind.

I Genesis 3 which many have referred to as the “fall from grace” others “total depravity” etc.  Yet that statement does not occur anywhere nor even the implication.  It is the very nature and nuance of shame and blame to infer it when it is not there except in it micro-plasticity. way.

What we do have is Adam and Eve disobeying a direct command or restraint.  They were told that what they believed was not true, (That if they ate they would die) and what was true is that God was afraid if they ate of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil that they would be as God.  They were also led to believe that if they did not eat they would be missing something very good and powerful.  So apparently for “fear of missing something” and because of a “desire to gain something”, they ate.

Something happened inside of them in that moment. “They realized they were naked”.  How? Why?  It was inside of them, not from the outside of them.  Some part of them hammered at them as stupid, dumb, or worse.  They then for “fear” of facing God who had provided everything they needed they hid in shame.

When God came on the scene later, he wondered, “Where are you?”.  When they identified where they were and why they were there they said, “we ate of the tree you told us to not eat of and we felt ashamed, naked, so hid”.  God’s response was, “who told you to be ashamed and what is shame”>  They had no answer.  But here is an intriguing point:  God did not shame them.  In fact, his tone, tenor, and truth was that of love an care, compassion and kindness, goodness and grace. God did not come with judgment, blame, shame or guilt”. In fact, God came into that moment with grace and goodness.


So Where did Shame come from.  I will present my theory tomorrow for today as on that day know God did not put it on people nor did God ever direct people to put it on one another.

Shame Blame and Guilt are used to manipulate and control people for their good so some say.  Shame, blame, and guilt are never used by God but grace and goodness are always offered by God

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