What lasts for ever?

Happy Independence Day

Someone said to me this past week, “Nothing lasts for ever”.  s I thought about that I realized two things. 1) That I did not like the implication of that and 2) There are things that last forever.

The Bible says that three things last forever:  “Faith Hope and Love”. Faith because in the present it gives us optimism regardless of the tragedies in and around our lives.  Faith sees goodness in all that happens, sees what no one else sees, and is transformative.  It may be one of the greatest assets in eternity as it compels us to shed humanity and its negativity.  Hope is what drives us to act in positive and optimistic ways regardless of natural temptation to lose hope in some circumstances.  Hope is perennial in eternity. positive in expression, and persevering in extension.  Love or charity is limitless in its scope, practice and effect.  Love never fails.  People fail to work internally and collectively on loving but love never fails.  Love always perseveres.

Other religious literature  suggest that goodness and kindness lasts for ever.  They liberate us from legacies of our pat and propel us into better futures.  They pay forward while judgment in debt us to our past.

I realized there is another thing that lasts forever: “un-forgiveness”.  Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose (release) on earth will be loosed (released) in heaven” (Matthew 18:18).


On this independence day set your self free for eternity by “forgiving from your heart” and setting your spirit free of “un-forgiveness” or you may labor for eternity under its weight.  This is true for self forgiveness (even if other’s cant) and forgiving others their offenses toward you.  Maybe that is why the line is present in the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father (who forgives all and operates as if we never sinned at all) forgive us our sins (trespasses debts) as we forgive those who sin (trespass, debtors) against us”.  There is a hint that our forgiveness is connected to our forgiveness.  o Forgiveness and un-forgiveness lasts forever.  One sets us free for ever the other is our burden for ever.  One is burdensome the other is releasing and renewing. It is our choice.


What can you add to this idea?  What additional things last forever for you?  Email me at parakalein@hotmail.com

Thank you


Happy 4th of July

Thankfulness for a heritage of sacrifice

 Today is my father’s birthday.  He would have been 97 today. His military service and his life embodied this quote.  I am thankful for the heritage and legacy of faith hope and love and the sacrifice to let that happen in life

“The Willingness to Sacrifice is the prelude to Freedom”

I found this quote outside a military base years ago and have logged into my mind.  On this Memorial Day as we celebrate in parades all across this great land those who gave their lives or portions of their lives as a heroic hope for the liberties and freedom we today share, I give thanks.  In our family they are many in the nearly all passed generation that have done so.   There are people today who do so.   Not just in the military though that may be our focus today.  I would extend that to all civil servants like EMT’s, Police, and Fireman to name a few groups who every day in a similar way are “willing to sacrifice (as a part of their very job and oath) so that we the citizens of this great land can live in and enjoy peace and freedom.”  Without this prelude to the same who knows where our nation would be,
Thank you all.
As we remember so we will not forget the heroism of the past and the heroism (not just celebrating all ho died or sacrificed limbs but all who were “willing” to pay the price) of the present which give us the gift of hope, faith, and love in this great land.
Bless you every one