A Mother’s Day Tribute

The Earth Mother, the Mother of All Living Things

Eve The Mother of All Living: Her The Role and Rule of Love

Love Does not Compete, Conflict, Condemn,

Love is Contrite, Calm, Compassionate, non-competitive, non-condemning and conflict free………Adam and Eve had learned this. They were not made or angry that God had kicked them out of the garden. They understood it was for their own good. To protect themselves form themselves. The single best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. They had eaten of a tree that they were not to eat of. The second tree they were told to not eat of was the Tree of Eternal Life. Imagine had they eaten of the Eternal Life they would have lived forever in an eternal state of sin

Even the creator, God would be unable to change the reality of that state.

So the kindness and goodness of God is again visible in the act that at first sight seems to be God’s anger or judgment or punishment and upon a second look is clearly an act of God’s love, grace and mercy.

Did God have a right to be angry? Yes. Was God angry? Yes. Did God act with anger against the sin of Adam and Eve, or the sin of Abel. No exactly the opposite.

Note to self:

#1 You can be angry you can even hate but you cannot turn that anger and hate into acts of violence, vengeance, for that would be to violate the very role and rule of God in the World. God’s rule and role in the world is to rule with love and grace not anger and violence.

Adam and Eve had learned this. Abel got this and so his offering was one of sacrificial love and abundant grace. His name is among the Hebrews 11 People of Faith: “a righteous man by faith he still speaks, even though dead” (He did what was right in the site of God.) He was a shepherd in the fields of Iran?Iraq and gave his very best. Cain’s offering was disappointing to God, as he gave but not the best or first.

Note to Self:

#2 The emotions of anger is not a Management problem but a Heart problem. When we are threatened by someone else’s success the problem is in us not in them. Upset even anger is okay, violence and hostility is not. Cain could have chosen to look within and see his completive side and transformed it to cooperative via self-compassion. Karen Kneff, Self

Compassion is what can change the world.

Some literature tells that it was “anger” that was Cain’s problem. I disagree anger itself is not sin….the anger was a part of him that existed to cover his own shortcoming, and a cover for the sin of competition and hostility toward his brother rather than dealing with the reality of deception in his own heart. Years later the same problem would be present in Esau and Jacob.

Note to Self

#3 The role and Rule of every mother that produces life is to shepherd that life with the rule of truth and grace, and the Role of Modeling the same with humility and honor.

Eve was called by Adam to infer that she is “Life” and his role and rule was to with truth and grace honor and cherish her life as she would honor and cherish his. As the first couple of earth the secret of reclaiming the lost union that had no place for guilt or shame and restore the state of innocence and grace is a statement to all mother’s: “You are the source of Life, for all Living things, when you honor all life and when you are honestly cherishing and nurturing all life.

The very Nature of Mother hood is to Nurture all living things.

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