Servants Among Us

Do you have a neighbor or friend maybe even a relative who serves society as a fireman, policeman, military personnel, secret service, etc?

While all of us know that death is no respecter of age, sex, race, or religion and can come anytime in any way, most of us live every day as if it will not happen to me.

The above noted group is more aware of that than most as their very job requires them to daily be ready to give their life a sacrifice for anyone and every one.  Jesus said, “Greater Love has no one than this, that he will lay down is life for another”.  Fireman et al go to work, and their family sends them to work with the awareness in the back of their minds, that this could be the day.  They don’t talk about it every day but it is the reality of their every day service to society.

His name is not important and the exact details are not important because he represents so many who have given their lives in service.  But on a Thursday the last eek of April, a fireman in the line of duty fell to his death in Queens, NY.  The solidarity of the collective consciousness of the “reality of we all face death every day” summoned literally thousands from near and far to gather to pay tribute not to this man alone but to the group of “heroes willing to sacrifice their lives as part of  the job”.  It reminded me of a quote at a military base, “The willingness to Sacrifice is the Prelude to Freedom”.

In the quiet small town of Cheshire/Pittsfield, Rt 8, MA far away form the densely populated city of New York the following exhibition of this “collective consciousness of the communities loss of one of their own stood tall!”:FullSizeRender

A top the extended ladder of a firetruck in for repairs was a bucket with a flag honoring his passing.  No fan fare no signs, no reporters just a quiet symbol of a class of heroes we all sometimes just take for granted.  So here is a quiet Thank You to all those who have served and their families, whether they lived or died, and to all those who now serve and their families:  “You rock!” and your legacy is the gift of “Life Giving Life”!  Thank You

And thank you to whoever was inspired to place this tribute in a humble heroic fashion as a tribute to those who serve with “humility and heroism.”

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