Happy Easter

A Wonder filled Message of Hope and Healing for today and forever

10 months ago I found myself laying on a road flat on my back which meant all I could do was look up!

I was at a Sunrise Service this Easter morning and everything seemed different.  I do not know how many Easter Sunrise Services I have attended over the years……I remember one when I was 15 when we had a foot of snow.  I went to sunrise Service then came home shoveled my basketball court that I had built in our yard, then had a pick up game before church.   I have attended, led, participated in probably 40 or so bu today was huge;y different.

I became very emotional and could not even sing except in the Spirit and in my heart.  Thy all  bellowed while outwardly I wept.  Tears of rejoicing seeds of growth.  I was overwhelmed.  I felt like I had been to the gates of death, witnessed their power, then felt the raw roar of a lion in me.  I recall at a spirit liberating group session getting on a table and roaring like a lion, as I grieved my father’s death.


Death has no sting and the grave no victory as we know the power of the Lion of Judah.

Nothing, no event,no abundance, no adversity has any power over the part in us that is the imago deo. The Lion’s courage is in all of us and is the most present in death and in the face of that which will or will try to destroy.

Greater is the Lion in You than the trouble around you..


Happy Easter morning.  More later!

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