Happy Easter

A Wonder filled Message of Hope and Healing for today and forever

10 months ago I found myself laying on a road flat on my back which meant all I could do was look up!

I was at a Sunrise Service this Easter morning and everything seemed different.  I do not know how many Easter Sunrise Services I have attended over the years……I remember one when I was 15 when we had a foot of snow.  I went to sunrise Service then came home shoveled my basketball court that I had built in our yard, then had a pick up game before church.   I have attended, led, participated in probably 40 or so bu today was huge;y different.

I became very emotional and could not even sing except in the Spirit and in my heart.  Thy all  bellowed while outwardly I wept.  Tears of rejoicing seeds of growth.  I was overwhelmed.  I felt like I had been to the gates of death, witnessed their power, then felt the raw roar of a lion in me.  I recall at a spirit liberating group session getting on a table and roaring like a lion, as I grieved my father’s death.


Death has no sting and the grave no victory as we know the power of the Lion of Judah.

Nothing, no event,no abundance, no adversity has any power over the part in us that is the imago deo. The Lion’s courage is in all of us and is the most present in death and in the face of that which will or will try to destroy.

Greater is the Lion in You than the trouble around you..


Happy Easter morning.  More later!

The First Seven Words of God

For however long it was that Adam and Eve lives in total openness, shameless and free they experienced perennial happiness, balance and the bliss of oneness.  The enemy of that bliss and the one who sowed the idea that God was threatened and insecure and did not want humanity to know all that he knows and so had forbidden eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil led to an overreach of freedom and the experience of fragmentation, fracture, and friction in relationships.

The next day God came into the garden in the same way he had on every previous day.  He cam in love and with love.  They had changed but God’s changeless love remained the same.  So God’s first word was “Love”.  Regardless of any choice you make nothing will change the Love of God for you.  This is the Gospel, the goodness and the first word of God to the estranged couple.  The estrangement was inside of them not in the heart of God.

As God looked around for them He was the “Seeker“, “I want a relationship with your no matter what so “seeker” is the second word of God. I will seek you until I find you and you find me the changeless expression of love and grace.

Adam and Eve had felt shame, were soon to engage in blame, and so hid from God.  God sought them out.   God had a heart of forgiveness toward them regardless of anything.  I forgive you is the third word!

God’s fourth word is about “Faithfulness”.  Nothing will cause God to be rattled by anything that people do or anything that happens in the world.  He will be there always even to the end.

God then speaks a word of accountability and about responsibility and respect.  Your choices are your responsibilities. To booth of the mGod gave a different accountability rubric to assist them in their future and their learning about what builds responsibility and appreciation.  Adam will have to work the garden to have him appreciate more the supply of food.  Eve would endure pain in child birth.  Suffering, Work, pain all help us to appreciate and not take things for granted.  God was not engaging in punishment or judgment but rather in building character through work, pain and suffering.  When we work for things, suffer loss, and endure pain as good soldiers we grow into more appreciative and accepting human beings.

Next God “provides” for his creation.  God loved them in their shame and out of their shame. God chose to slay his very creation to provide covering for the shame, guilt, and hiding they had engaged in.

Finally as a crowning statement of God’s eternal Love and eternal protection of humanity from themselves, “God casts them out of the garden and creates an impermeable barrier or wall to keep them from compounding their state of affairs.  The greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  They had eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and hd become as God knowing both good and evil.  It is one thing to know good and evil and have the moral fiber to always choose good, and to act with goodness and kindness as God does.  It is another to know good and evil without the moral fiber to choose well. If they had defied one limitation it was likely they would defy the second and eat of the tree of eternal life and be forever in their site of sinfulness.  So full of grace and truth God banished them not in punishment but in redemptive grace and with radiant truth.  God is the “Protector and Preserver” of his creation.

The first Seven Words of God then are: Love, Seeker, Forgiveness, Faithful, Accountable and Responsible, Provider, Protector.  They represent the heart and mind of God, the character of God, and the Covenant of Love by the creator for all creation.  This is the Gospel.  Glory be to God!

What is so Good about Good Friday

Goodness abounds in the heart of God

On Good Friday God who so loved the world that he gifted that world his son.  He did not flinch in the presence of the egocentricities of humanity or the excessive cruelty and hostility.  He suffered for our sins not because it was right but because it was good for him to do.  This act of divine surrender and humility in the presence of human power and hostility modeled the way of Christ and the way of love and peace.

So in memorial today I want to challenge myself and all humanity to do something good and kind, setting aside might and right and taking up sacrifice and humility.  Make every day a “good Friday” not by beign good we all fall short of that, but by doing something good that someone never expected and pass goodness forward.

I am curious if that was not what Jesus did that day.  Passed God’s goodness forward to all from a heart of forgiveness to a transformed heart and mind.

The Old Time Gospel predates Judaism and Christianity and is reflected in the same

We are more one than we know

I sat in a workshop listening to a person talking about post modern Christianity and Post Modern Psychotherapy. In both cases I had a reactive part that wanted to say: We might discover that the old is the new and the new is the old. It was not my workshop so I kept it to myself. Here’s my question:


Are we searching for the new modern smooth finished cross/gospel or a new discovery of the genius and genesis of the old rugged cross/gospel (finished perpetuating story)? Is it the old gospel renewed, a new modern time religion, or the “really old” time religion reframed. By “really old” I do not mean the age of enlightenment or Reformation but the Biblical Record of Genesis 3 or 1


Years ago I was a passionate evangelical pastor wanting to tell the whole world how to believe how to know God in a personal way through his son Jesus Christ. I really cared about people, their present situations and their eternal destiny. I had a part that had all the best intention and yet true awareness was limited by my biases.


Today 45 years later I’m an equally passionate person wanting everyone to know that there’s not one right way to believe in God or follow The “Most High God’s” eternal Principles (Genesis 14: where 4 kings came against 5 v 9b, they took Lot away captive and when Abram –the Hebrew-heard it he gathered 318 Green Berras/Navy Seal types/etc. He freed Lot and retook goods and property – So four kings allied together won then another player emerged namely Abram who defeated King Kedorlaomer and the other 4. Then Melchisdek one of the Kings of Salem brought out Bread and Wine. He was a High Priest of the Most High God-v17, v19-20 “Blessed be Abram by the Most High God, creator of Heaven and Earth- and Abram paid 1/10th to Melchisdek as a thank offering for justice and strength belong to our God)). This was a World War settled by a just intervention.


Jesus said if they are not against me then consider them for me the same Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father. The way of Jesus is the way of being in peace and living in peace and love with God and yourself and your neighbor. This is the heart of all religion so Jesus. It is the essence of spiritual quests in all faiths.


John 1:21 “everyone who lives by the truth comes into the light”, John 5:42 “I know you do not have the Love of God in your hearts”,


The multiplicity of parts desiring balance and harmony is assisted to that end through the core Gospel or Good News of compassion and calmness, love and peace, and of grace and truth the gospel thanks be to God!


Peace inside and peace towards all outside and love of yourself and God and your neighbor as yourself these are the core and fundamental truths of spirituality and the impetus and drive of all religions and true spirituality.

In the beginning all there was, was the creator God. In the creation all the heavens and the earth, all living things in the earth and humanity on earth worshiped the God who walked in the cool of the garden and communed with them as friend with friend. Spiritual integrity is found in the nakedness and honesty that somehow died when hiding and blaming and feeling shame over took the inner peace and outer love.

Expanding community extending diversity


Togetherness in Multiplicity


There are many ways in which over the history of civilization, towns and communities have evolved and developed. Those groups though called a community are actually more like “Affinity groups”. The primary difference is that natural affinity groups form in all communities but for a community to develop it takes an attitude shift and a attribution shift. The attitude is toward not tolerance but embracing of multiplicity. The attribution is to not attribute good or bad, right or wrong to anything but to attribute the “same only different” orientation toward embracing rather than just tolerating differences.


Internal family systems is not just a model for psychotherapy but it’s a model for building community. Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy is now posted on NREPP as an evidence-based practice. For interventions with depression and assorted mental health issues but it is also a widely used system of building community.


The two major tenets are the multiplicity of the mind and the existence of the multiplicity of parts within the system of humanity and individual people coupled with the presence of goodness and kindness or self energy at the core of that system. Dr. Donald Paine who has trained in internal systems theory teaches it and practices it in his own life witness sand professional work will present a series of four training modules that will equip to use this in your personal life in your relationship with others in your family in the new community


The multiplicity of parts in the universe promotes a good and kind self energy within the system makes this system and approach effective and efficient when applied with integrity The design is for the intimacy of diversity and the identity of individuality.