Beginnings, endings, and in Betweens

God is always there

Into every life and every day there are beginnings, endings and in betweens.

In Genesis in the beginning all there was is “God of Courage and Creator”.  Symbol (Genesis 1:1-2) water covering the whole earth, still waters reflecting peace, and the Spirit hovering over the waters with love and grace.  Revelation 21 “a sea of glass” is the ending.

All that is in between is the History of Salvation, of Life, of Love.

As I walked through a cemetery recently I noticed that everyone had some kind of marker of their living.  All regardless of size or shape had three things:  A date of birth beginning, a date of death or ending and a “Dash”, a “-” of in between!  It did not matter how many years the person lived everyone had the same dash!

The Gloria Patri often sung in churches has this line: “As it was in the beginning even now and ever shall be world without end Amen amen!”

The World as it was and is and ever shall be is “the world where love and peace are everywhere, everything, and in everyone” Amen!

March Madness and You

The Message to the World

This Tuesday begins March Madness when 68 teams play in single elimination over the next three weeks until there is only one:  mad, sad, and glad parts abounding.  There is a message to all in the world even if you are not a sports fan:


“Always keep heart and hope alive, anything can happen because nothing is impossible or improbable and everything is unpredictable and growth producing!”


What do you have?

Who are you?

Wake Up:


It is not about getting what you want, need or crave.

It is about knowing who you are and what you already have.


As Wordsworth said,

“Getting and spending we lay waste our powers,

All that is necessary in life is already ours!