The Whole Earth a Call to Unity and Care

God's Design

In Genesis 1:31 we read that God looked at everything (every living thing alive in that moment and all the living things that would evolve or develop from that moment) and God said it is “very good”. Other times it was good but when he looked at it all, its balance and harmony, its diversity and complexity, its propensity and perspectives, wholeness and parts, as a whole global village God said “It is very good”. All prejudices, all perspectives of tolerance miss the mark and mystery of the master of the universe. It is one truth the Truth that all are the same only different, that all differences are an invitation to expand the essence of our concept of oneness and unity to include the essence of “embracing all people regardless of anything about them and because of everything about them being welcomed and understood as part of their uniqueness and part of “Global Unity”. The Global Village where all people are embraced not just tolerated as part of the whole of God’s creation. This truth will set us free to be the people God created us to be. People of compassion, courage, clarity, confidence, and calmness like the waters that covered the earth before there was any mountains, or valleys, no sun or moon, no rocks or sand, no toxicity no torments, just the peacefulness of a sea of glass that covered the whole earth; a symbol of the Love (compassion) of the creator and the peacefulness (calmness) of the created. This is what God hopes and intends that we as people of earth come to: “Common Compassion for all living things Regardless of Anything”. Then we will have Universal peace and compassion from within us to all around us.

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