Tolerance or Compassion

What the world needs now is "We are our brother/sisters keeper"

“Beyond Tolerance” is a program I listened to on NPR the other day. I agreed with just about everything I heard from Aspen Baker’s idea of  To provide a place where people could say whatever is true in their inner heart struggle without receiving judgment or negative reaction of any kind but receiver rather understanding and compassion regardless of right and wrong thinking in the family, social, religious, or political world views.  It is not about changing peoples World View. It is about expanding the capacity, commitment and ability to embrace others as well.  To be inclusive more than exclusive. To embrace coalescence of differences rather than coexistence of differences.  To shift from a world of judgment and biases based on differences.  In a world of judgment the injustice of shaming and blaming, embracing right over wrong, perpetuates a need for tolerance as an inadequate desire for social community. The true need is for humanity to embrace compassion, coalescence and acceptance.  
I thought what if we could think of it in a different way.
Tolerance is putting up with something but not embracing it. Embracing and accepting others who look think feel and act differently, is transformative. It is saying, I am who I am, and I can let you be who you are without judging myself as better/right or you as bad/wrong.
When God came into the garden of eden that is exactly how God approached Adam and Eve: with love and compassion desiring to understand them not judge them, to assist their growth not punish them, to be right in his heart toward them to transform their shaming and blaming parts into caring and compassionate parts.
So let’s embrace “Before Tolerance” as going back to the beginning “as it was, and ever shall be World without end”. God does not teach or model tolerance but acceptance and embracing to a healing of hearts, a restorer of relationships, and caretaker of connectivity and community. Judgement produces tolerance. Mercy and grace produce acceptance and embracing of all, regardless of anything.
The heavenly picture of heaven itself is found in Revelation 7:9-10
“I saw before me a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, tribe, people, cultures and languages standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were all wearing “white robes’ (a symbol of unifying and healed community. all the same yet all different and mutually and maturely respected) and were waving palm branches in their hands. And they all (without exception and with all accepting of one another) cried out in a loud voice. ‘Salvation belongs to our (collectively) God who sits (Like a triumphant Lion) on the throne and to the Lamb (who taught all to set aside their ways of thinking and embrace through surrender, God’s way of releasing them from the bandage to decay (Romans 8:21) to embracing the liberty (freedom from judgment) and justice (deliverer of hope) of being the children of God.
“Before Tolerance” there was only love, peace, acceptance and the embrace of all things regardless of anything and one day we will find our way back to that or God will help us to do so..
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