There is always at the Beginning a Vision

There is also "humility and generosity".

BlarMonumentI was on Blair Academy Campus for Grandparents day.  Proud ( in this sense a good thing) that my grandson is not only there but making a positive mark on his colleagues and teachers and they on him.  As I walked the campus this marker became interesting to me.

Okay may be it is my age.  Maybe many students come and go and never give it a thought or even a look.  This is the Blair family cemetery up on a hill over looking the campus and in the background the Presbyterian Church that Rev Blair pastored.  The pillar monument in the middle is to Rev. Blair the founder of the church and the academy.  Blairstown holds its own treasure of family history, but the short story of the school pays a huge complement to the man and the church.  They in the mid 80’s decided to let go of the child they had born and turn it over to its own destiny, developmentally speaking to its own adult hood.  The local presbyter, the church and the leadership turned the church over to its own independent and responsible Board of trustees.  It’s future was not sealed but released and refreshed and in time replenished.  To do so they had to let go of control (humility), gift it to its own future (generosity), and watch and honor its leadership and their decisions (supportive and honoring).  This is leading with integrity and excellency are current hallmarks of the school and a tribute to its origins.

Jim Collins would say this is moving from “good to great” (See the book by Jim Collins of the same title “Good to Great”.

Yes I saw all of that in a day.

Please see all of that in this simple picture.

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