Self Organizing Principle

Who needs who for what

Do people need people?

I concluded in a previous blog that people who need people may just be needy people of people who need to be needed.

People who genuinely like people are the happiest people in the world.  The Self inside all of us likes, cares for and has compassion for all our parts.  The self when free of burdens is infinitely and divinely capable of organizing a system of care and compassion that like the sun that creates a center for the solar system, the self is a center for our inner solar system.

It should not surprise us then that the research of Sugata Mitra focuses on child driven education and concludes form his research that a child regardless of his or her fortune or misfortune of birth is gifted with a “self-organizing system” and can learn on his or her own without a traditional teacher giving direction.  I tis not that he concludes there is no need for a teacher in the classroom but that the teacher need sot become more a facilitator of the learning experience determining “zones of proximal development” and nurting the natural growth of the child within them.


An amazing thought:  Could it be that God put within the creation and the creature the reflection of the sun-organizing solar system that we might refer to as the “self-organizing self-system.

Wars are won by weapons of war, War stops with weapons of peace

Honor, humility and honesty are key elements of winning the war on war

recently October 13th a book was published by urlSchoken, written by Rabbi Lord Sacks entitled “Not in God’s Name:  Confronting Religious Violence“.

In that book he sites that “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam define themselves as religions of peace, yet they all initiated violence at some points in their history”.  I would add and used God’s direction as a cloaking device to what the late Scott Peck entitled. “People of the Lie”. Religious Egoism is the need to exist and promote and proselytize that religions way of faith to self-validate and and self-vindicate is rife in religious history.  Religion has and continues to be used to justify war.  “If I do not kill him he will kill me”.  “I must wipe them out or they will one day threaten my way”.  Or perhaps the worse one ever, “My way is the right and only way which give me the right to discredit and deny any value in any other”.  How self-propagating and self destructive at the same time. Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mohamed, Abraham all taught respect for others and righteousness and peace as core elements of true faith.  Abraham actually paid tithes to Melchizedek in OT scripture and is noted in Hebrews in the NT.


Rabbi Sacks states, “Wars are one by Weapons but it takes ideas to win peace”.  I wish that were true.  There have been many “ideas of peace” promoted by many from Gandhi to Mother Teresa, to Pope Francis to Buddha, To Hinduism, to Nelson Mandela,  to Jesus.  The latter taught that there was a peace that passes human understanding and the source of that peace is not an “idea” but an action plan to get humanity to set aside their egocentricities not as “altruistic evil” (Sacks’ term) but as “altruistic good”a much greater evil.  Their is not greater evil that something anything that justifies war.  If it is not good and just for all it is not good or just at all!


The weapons that end war are are not weapons of military might but “weapons of humble discipline of ego needs, honorable mutual respect towards all people, and mature honesty within ones character”.


Let’s win the war for peace with mature responsiblenes, mutual respectfulness, and a mixture of honor,  humilty and honesty.

A New Version of God Bless America

God Bless All Humanity

How many times and in how many places have you sung or heard sung “God Bless America” Land that I Love. Stand beside her and guide her in the night with light from above, From the Mountains to the Prairies, To the Oceans White with Foam. God Bless America My home Sweet home”.

In a little more than a week I will be leading a service of Worship or Witness to Faith in God at the TCSNYC Marathon. We will sing the above as it is in America but we will also sing the verse below. I want to thank the minter of music at the church we attend in Stockbridge for her help in the flow of the words.

“God Bless Our Universe, Gift of your Love
Stand beside us and guide us, Through the night with your light form above
From the Mountains, to the deserts, To the Oceans an’ skies above
God Bless Humanity, with Love to All
God keep humanity, in light for all


When in the dark alone space look up, out, and in for Light

Light is always there even when we cannot see it

It was a beautiful cool fall day as we were driving to a wedding celebration in Brooklyn, NY.  We arrived an hour early.  Some would say we arrived early because the GPS told us that it would take 2 hours and 21 minutes and it only took us 1 hour and 10 minutes.  At my son’s wedding, a few years ago, the priest spoke of God’s Positioning System as having far greater power and significance.  So a part of me thought, maybe God’s Powerful Sonar had wanted us to arrive early, so we would spend a little time just enjoying the day and being thankful.

Nearby we discovered an old cemetery and we both agreed that it would be a nice place for a walk.

We quickly learned that many walked this Green-Wood cemetery, that it was famous and had many famous people buried in it like Leonard Bernstein, et al., and that it was massive, stretching from 5th Avenue to Fort Hamilton Parkway (nearly half the size of Central Park in Manhattan).  While wandering and bearing witness to those who had gone before us. A sense of appreciation for the named and unnamed, for the famous and little known, that are all part of our being there and enjoying the day.   Appreciating the past is as important as anticipating the future.  At one point in my wandering, I found a small mausoleum which had an amazing stain glassed picture which I recalled seeing in the Methodist Church I attended as a child. It brought back great memories of a loving grandmother.  I had to take a picture.  There was a stained glass portrait of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  There were four objects on the altar in front of the picture and light shone in on the scene from the upper left corner (It was the perfect time of day to catch this message and image). As always a picture has a thousand words and promotes a thousand thoughts so as you look at the picture below, just let it speak your message, the one you need to hear form it.

I took the message to be that whenever you are in a dark moment, a place of suffering, a place of pain, or confusion, know that God has positioned you to see the Light.  You have to look up, out, and in and then that light will give you nourishment and hope.  The four items on the altar you can look and guess.  I saw the fish carved in wood as a symbol of nurturance, the cup a symbol of suffering, the family picture with love always and a basket of sticks and stones, as symbols of life and love?  It gives a message of love faith and hope. Enjoy.

In darkness pray and look to light

In darkness pray and look to light

It was a special moment with a special message for a special occasion.  The message for every moment of darkness is look to the light and you will find it, in you, around you and above you.



In the Beginning, Darkness made room for Light

My Passion for this blogging


let there be light

let there be light

“In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and darkness was over the face of the earth, and the Spirit of God glided over the deep, dark, and dense earth” Genesis 1:1

These words are so familiar: spoken by many from many places even Allen Shepherd from outer space back to earth.

Today I start a new beginning. I am switching my blogging to

It is significant for me personally as I have been in a season of wilderness walking even in the valley of the shadow of death walking.   Thankfully, I am now in a season of renewal of running in my heart while my body is still into walking, which is all good.  Light has come.

I note that the first act of creation, Genesis 1,  was to create light in the darkness. So to for me light has come from without and from within to give me hope. My passion in this blog will be to bring hope into places of despair, to identify faith as not a particular religious belief but a belief in hope, seeing something good coming no matter what, and to see the darkness gliding over the face of the deep, as an image of light coming.

I have begun to appreciate why God created the lesser light to shine in the darkness and the greater light to shine in the day time. It is to allow for the beauty of darkness where growth happens and the beauty of daylight where life happens to have equal value.

As I start a new era of my life, a new season of my living, I do so with an renewed sense of honor, humility and desire to be honest, transparent.  This renewed passion has a bilateral focus:  the courage to create “the new” and cultivate respect for “the old”. In a sense, to respect and embrace tradition while simultaneously be open to  innovation in responsible challenges to self, spiritual truths, and all others with respect and deferences. In short, to be “one as Jesus and his father were one”. The Father and Son and Spirit do not strive or try to be one they just are one.  Jesus embraced it as true and lived that truth out before all to see.  So my heart desire is to honor all truth, to honestly struggle with areas where error has crept into the church (like a gremlin that wants to eat up the good present) because we have refused to be transparent, and to boldly say what needs to be said for the survival not of church orthodoxy, or church doctrine, but of Faith, Hope and Love.  This is the key to the three legged stool of healthiness and holiness in the church and in the world.

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